We’re a non-profit loan fund designed to save schools money.


CIF provides low-cost, long-term, fixed-rate loans to charter schools that are seeking permanent financing for facility acquisitions or refinancing existing debt. This is ideal for charter schools that are fully enrolled and have completed construction.

We're Smart Money

Low Interest Rates

We offer the lowest long-term interest rates to charter schools.

Low Transaction Costs

Schools save money through our low transaction costs and low reserve requirements.

100% Financing

We finance up to 100% of your project costs.

Long-Term, Fixed-Rate

Your school is permanent. Your financing should be, too.



CIF provides low-cost, long-term, 30-year fixed-rate loans to academically successful, high-demand, nonprofit charter schools and networks approved through a diligence process led by people who have operated charter schools.

We save charter schools money and time by borrowing at low rates, eliminating or reducing fees associated with issuance, and removing or reducing debt-service reserve funds while easing transactional execution. The resulting savings can be redirected into the classroom, helping ensure that CIF’s partner schools continue to deliver high academic quality as they expand.

We provide financing to not-for-profit charter schools or charter management organizations throughout the United States, where permitted by law,* that meet our rigorous evaluation criteria including demonstrable enrollment demand and strong academic performance track records.

We expect our partner schools to establish permanent roots and, over time, support thousands of students toward success in college, careers, and life. For that reason, our typical loans are structured much like a home mortgage: a 20- to 35-year straight-line amortizing loan with a fixed interest rate.*

Projects eligible for CIF financing include: refinancing existing debt, acquisition of land or facilities, and expansion projects.

*Rates and terms are subject to change, and restrictions may apply.

For more information, please reach out to us at charters@charterimpactfund.org.